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Water Damage Testimonials

I have also worked with SERVPRO at [another property] with excellent results

I want to thank you and your staff for your amazing work over these last 6 days with us. Water Damage was the last thing we needed as we were in the middle of a family wedding weekend! We have been incredibly impressed with the degree of professionalism, hard work ethic, and pleasant manner and nature of SERVPRO staff. We were simply blown away with Jason's and Cay's commitment to getting the job done right, and how they interacted with us. It was like they were taking care of their own homes!

I just got home and I must say your crew did an amazing job. I was in tears when I went downstairs, of joy and relief. That basement is immaculate. This whole experience up until now has been something out of a nightmare and I didn’t see any hope of relief or help.

It was hard to see my most precious items family heirlooms and photos being loaded into a truck, wondering if I would ever see some of that again. Again I did!

I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone, thank you!

We are not use to such quick response tines in our area. Thank you SERVPRO of Edmonton for exceeding my expectations. Good Work

SERVPRO of Edmonton Southside's team was friendly and approachable throughout the process. I appreciate the care taken with respects to the items in our home :)

I was very impressed at the response time SERVPRO of Edmonton Southside's team responded to our emergency call. They were onsite quickly. They dealt with the cleanup and communication in a very professional manner.